ERAS Exhibition  Rules

1.      Participation in any Society Activity constitutes acceptance of all rules governing that activity.
Specific information may be obtained from the committee in charge.

2.        The Elmira Regional Art Society, its agents or representatives will not be liable for any claim for loss or damage to artwork, or accompanying materials, submitted for exhibition.  Special care in handling and protection will be given to all artwork but no special insurance will be provided.

3.        All paintings and photographs submitted for exhibition must be properly framed and equipped with eye screws and wire. Titles, artist's name, medium and price or NFS must appear on the back of the painting or photograph.  All three-dimensional art must be noted with title, artist's name, medium and price or NFS.Place card in the corner of the painting.

Please remember to make a list of the paintings that you are exhibiting,

include: size, medium, price,  your name, address and phone number.   

Here is a form you can print out: Exhibit Form

4.        Work must be original artwork.

5.        Work should remain until the end of the exhibit.


ERAS Palette Awards Exhibition  Rules

To qualify for the Palette Award Exhibit, exhibiting members, as defined in the Elmira Regional Art Society Constitution and Bylaws, are expected to exhibit three times a year in Group Shows or Circuit Exhibits; producing at least three new works a year for those exhibits.  They must have dues currently paid.  Dues are payable June 1st.  

Honorary members have the same privileges as exhibiting Members.  They are exempt from payment of dues, penalties and participation in any Society activity. They can participate in the Palette Award Exhibit whether or not they exhibit during the year.

Associate members are not eligible for the Palette Award Exhibit.

All paintings and photographs submitted for exhibition must be properly framed, matted and equipped with eye screws and wire.  The title, artist's name, medium, price or NFS, and insurance value must appear on the back of the artwork.   All three-dimensional art must be labeled with the same information.

Art work that is damaged or not properly prepared will be disqualified before judging.

All work must be original.  An original work of art is: a work done on location or from a photograph you have taken yourself; a studio setting with a setup model; and/or creative imagery.

No works of art may be older than two years.

Palette Award judges will be noted in the newsletter with their background experience as working artists.

Adhere strictly to delivery and pickup times.

Works may not be removed until the show is over.

Addendum January 2011:

The Palette Award Exhibit.   

       Due to wall space limits in the exhibit gallery, an increase in the number of exhibiting members and a request to address this by the Arnot Art Museum, the maximum size for paintings or photos will be 36 if you are submitting two paintings or photos. Otherwise one painting can be submitted if larger than 36.  Sculptures will have a weight limit of 100 lbs.

       There will be a $15 entry fee for exhibitors in the Palette Award Exhibit if they are not members of the art museum.  This money will go to support the museum and all it does for our club.

       If items have been shown in the Palette Awards in previous years they will not be eligible to be shown in this exhibit again.