Past Presenters

2018-2019  (Beth Landin program chair)
Workshop with Bill Teisworth

Lisa Gilllis (Cancelled because of weather)

Critique with Wilson Ong

GC Myers

Rebecca Finch

Marc Rubin

Beth Landin program chair)

May 2018
Ron Dixon (Elmira)

April 2018
Jennifer Fai (Corning)

March 2018
Laura Charles (Corning)

February 2018
Wilson Ong (Big Flats)

November 2017

Workshop with Bill Vrscak, (Pittsburg)

Chris Walters (Elmira)

October 2017
Wilson Ong
(Big Flats)


2012-2017  (Jackie Satterlee program chair)

May 2017

Barbara Kurcoba - travel pictures (Elmira Heights)

April 2017
Bridget Bossart van Otterloo - presentation and demo WC (Corning)

March 2017

Barbara Kurcoba - travel pictures (Elmira Heights)

February 2017

Wilson ONG -Critique

November 2016

Anne Bialke - Presentation

October 2016
Judy Soprano - demo and workshop (Rochester)


May 2016
Vani Akula - Mandalas

April 2016

Becky Finch - demo oil

March 2016

Cynthia Harrington - Lino cut

February 2016
Wilson ONG -Critique

November 2015 
Jerry Lindsay - Framing

October 2015
Lucrecia West (no show)


June  2015 Newsletter

May 2015

Dana Hawk- oil painting - animals

April 2015

Michael Barr presentation of his work  (Corning)

March 2015

Bob Santandrea - Pastel work (Painted Post)

February 2015
Wilson ONG -Critique

November 2014

Joseph DAILY  presentation of his art (Corning)

October 2014

FannyArango Keeth. Arpillera Art (Mansfield)


May 2014

Aleta Yarrow - How to unleash creativity (Elmira)

April 2014

Ann Wells Hameister  Presentation of her work  (Corning)

March 2014: Presentation by
Vani Akula
for Women in the Arts month. (Horseheads)

February 2014
Wilson ONG -Critique

November 2013
“Field Trip” to the Corning Glass Museum.  Beth Hylen did “Evening for Educators

October 2013
Stan Bowman -  art with your scanner ( Ithaca)


May 2013

Hall Groat II 
Presentation of his work  (Binghamton)

April 2013

Gary Myers
-  Presentation of his work  (Elmira)

March 2013

Barb Kurcoba Travel pictures  (Elmira Heights)

February 2013
Wilson ONG -Critique

2012-1013 December  Newsletter - Palette award winners

November 2012 Meeting  -
C.F. Lawrenson
Acrylic paintings

October 2012 Board Meeting - New members

October 2012 Meeting
Valerie Berner
  presentation of her work

September 2012 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes August 2012


(Denny Smith and Diane Janowski program chair)

 May 4th-6, 2012

Margaret Martin Workshop

NEWSLETTER Winter 2011-2012


November 2011 

Colleen McCall-
(Presentation of her work in ceramics) Elmira


October 2011
Vickie Mike-creativity


Board Meeting Minutes Oct. 2011

September 2011
Meeting at Arnot Museum

NEWSLETTER Summer 2011

Minutes June Picnic and pictures

 Minutes June 2011 (Board Meeting)

Minutes May 2011
Ginnie Lupi- (Presentation of her work)

Minutes April 2011
Dan Reidy -

Minutes March 2011
Tedd Arnold - (Presentation of his work)


Minutes February 2011
Ann Cady- (Photographing your work) Corning

Ron Dixon Workshop January 29th 2011 - (Drawing perspective) Elmira

Minutes January 2011

November 2010 
Denny Smith & Diane Janowski- Art business presentation

Minutes October 2010
David Higgins - (CCC  art teacher presenting his paintings) Corning

Minutes September 2010 (Trip to Old Forge)


2004-2010  (Jackie Satterlee Program chair)


May 2010 
Connie Berberian - Demo-Watercolors (Wellsboro PA)

April 2010
Tom Gardner  (Critique)

March 2010
Mavin Staub Ambrose - (Presentation of her work-silk painting)

February 2010
Rebecca Finch - (Demo-oils) (Horseheads)

Minutes September 2nd 2009

Board Meeting June 10th 2009

 May 6th, 2009

Jackie Satterlee (slide presentation on the Louvre Museum)

Watercolor Workshop April 24-25 2009 with
Bridget Bossart Otterloo (Corning)

April 1st, 2009 
Carol Bloomgarden  (painting with words)(Ithaca)

March 2009
Lou West - (critique) (Elmira)

Board Meeting  February 27th 2009

February 4th 2009
Ron Dixon (photography) (Elmira)

January 5th 2009
Wilson Ong (demo and workshop) Portrait of Delores (Big Flats)

NEWSLETTER  Winter December 2008

 November 7th 2008
Ron Kleiber - (Bird demo and workshop) (Elmira)

October 3rd 2008 meeting
John Whiting - (demo and workshop) Oil landscape

Minutes of Board Meeting, October 1, 2008
Minutes from September 3rd, 2008 Meeting

2007-2008 **************************************************

NEWSLETTER  Summer 2008
Minutes of Board Meeting, August 20th, 2008
Minutes of Board Meeting, July 9, 2008

April 2nd, 2008 Meeting
Mary Shelley - (Painted Wood carvings) (Ithaca)

NEWSLETTER  Spring 2008

March 5th, 2008 Meeting 
Gordon Bonnet - (paper art) (Ithaca)

Minutes from the Board meeting February 20th, 2008

February 8,9 2008  
Brian Keeler - (Demo and Workshop) Oil landscape (Ithaca)

NEWSLETTER Winter 1/2008
Minutes from the January 2008 Meeting

November 2007 Meeting 
Elisabeth Gross-Marks- (Brilliant Colors/abstracts) (Ithaca)

October 2007
Nancy Neaher Maas (Water color collage strips) (Ithaca)

Minutes from October 2007 Meeting
Minutes from September 2007 Meeting (Meeting at Dale Tanner's)

Ron Dixon Workshop "Poor Man's Fresco"

May 2007 (Critique)

April 2007
Jan Frassetto- Watercolor on Rice paper(no show)-

March 2007
Mary Ellen Connely- (Wildlife painting)

February 2007
Ann Wells - (
presenting her works)(Elmira)

November 2006
Cynthia Crastley Harrington (Caligraphy) (Horseheads art teacher)

October 2006
Stan Bowman (His works and scanning for giclees)

September 2006
Nancy Neher Maas (water color collage) (Ithaca)


May 2006 - Critique
R. Merwin (acrylic painting workshop)

April 2006

Gigi Alvarez (Tour of Rockwell Museum-senior museum educator)

March 2006
Steven Cooper (mat-cutting demo)

February 2006
Gigi Alvarez (Abstract and semi abstract art)

November 2005

Cynthia Crastley Harrington (
watercolor techniques)

October 2005
Christine Malloy, Dale Tanner, Eric Jones, Ray Coover (Digital Photo /computer image manipulation)


May 2005  Critique with
Cynthia Crastley Harrington

April 2005
Cynthia Crastley Harrington (watercolor techniques)

March 2005
Christine Malloy - (creative Book Design)

February 2005
Mary Ellen Connelly - Wildlife Art

November 2004
Janna Keser - (Art work Critique)

October 2004
Jim Balcerek - (Colored pencil and pastel)