Elmira Regional Art Society

Constitution and Bylaws

This constitution & Bylaws

was adopted by the regular meeting of

the Elmira Regional Art Society on

March 22, 2012

and supersedes all former Constitutions & Bylaws by this organization

which will herein be known as ERAS







Founded as the Elmira Art Club in 1869
it was renamed the Elmira Regional Art Society
(ERAS) in 1999 to reflect and encourage
a broader constituency.




To encourage and contribute to the Members'
development in the visual arts;
maintaining high standards for its Exhibiting
Members; providing venues to show their work
and fostering appreciation for diverse schools
of thought and expression.




Associate Memberships:  are open to anyone 18 years and older who are interested in the visual arts; and start upon receipt of annual dues and completed application.

Associate Members will receive the Directory, Bylaws and Quarterly Newsletter and are invited to attend our weekly painting groups and monthly demos and will be listed in our next directory.

Associates have all the privileges of the Society except the right to vote and exhibit.

Associates may not use the ERAS name, initials of Logo with their name or artwork:  doing so would be reason for immediate dismissal.




Exhibiting Members:  Applicants will submit a completed application form and 3 original works of art (produced in the last 2 years) to the Membership Chairperson listed on the application.

Applicants may submit digital images (jpeg) to ERASart@erasart.com and/or bring original artwork to the executive meeting. These will be directed to the membership chairperson and the executive committee. Applications will be accepted at any time.

The actual acceptance as an exhibiting member will be determined by a simple majority ballot vote of the Executive Committee during
the OCTOBER  and APRIL Executive Committee meeting. Applicants cannot be present during this process. Active membership begins upon acceptance by the committee and receipt of the annual dues.

The new Member will receive the Directory, Bylaws, quarterly Newsletter and Exhibition Rules; will be listed in the next Directory and will be encouraged to participate in all ERAS activities.

Exhibiting Members are expected to exhibit  3 times a year in the group show or Monthly Circuit Exhibits; producing a least 3 new works a year for those exhibits.

Non-compliance with ERAS rules may result in suspension of membership by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee, which also has the authority to grant exemptions and reinstatement.



Honorary Memberships:  The Executive Committee will propose candidates for Honorary Membership based on service or exceptional contributions; having a minimum of 15 years of membership.
the general membership will then vote on the candidate, requiring a simple majority of a quorum of the voting membership.

Honorary Members have the same privileges as Exhibiting Members.  They are exempt from dues.



The Executive Committee, consisting of all elected officers and appointed officers; studies, formulates and votes on all ERAS policies before they are presented to the general membership.



Section 1 -  Elected Officers

President;  presides over all meetings; officially represents ERAS in its relationship with other groups, organizations or individuals, supervises and is responsible for all notices and other official communications; has the authority to call for special meetings; appoints and dissolves special committees and can appoint or replace any non-elected officer.

Vice President;  assumes the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence.

Treasurer;  has charge of all dues and moneys taken in or paid out by ERAS; making no decisions about said moneys without the direction of the President or unanimous consent of the Executive Committee; maintaining them in a local checking and savings accounts under the ERAS name and keeps accurate account of same.  Treasurer keeps an up-to-date membership record of dues paid.  All ERAS financial records must be available to the President or Executive Committee at any time.  A current financial report will be presented at each general meeting.


Recording Secretary;  records the minutes of all regular and special meetings.

Membership;  supervises and handles matters pertaining to new Members.

Publicity;  arranges for the publicity of ERAS events.

History;  collects and is custodian of all records, publicity notices and history regarding the Society.

Exhibits;  supervises and handles matters pertaining to the Monthly Exhibit Circuit.

Program Chairman;  plans and coordinates programs for the Monthly Meetings.

Workshop Chairman;  arranges for workshops to be taught by regionally or nationally know artists.

Costs for the workshops are to be kept at a reasonable rate to encourage attendance.


Corresponding Secretary;  responsible for all ERAS correspondence and the quarterly Newsletter.

Directory;  produces the yearly Directory to be available in August.

Hospitality;  provides refreshments at the Monthly Meetings

Palette Award;  handles all aspects of the Palette Awards Exhibit

Telephone; keeps updated list of all Members phone numbers; contacts members without email.

County Fair;  plans and supervises the County Fair Exhibit.

June Picnic;  plans and coordinates the June picnic.



Section 1 -  Elected Officers

1.  The President appoints a Nominating Committee in March which selects and presents the names of the nominees at the regular April Meeting.

Notices of the voting in May and a list of the nominees will be in the minutes of the April meeting and available on line.

2. Nominees must be Exhibiting or Honorary Members in good standing.

3. Members are not limited to voting for candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee, but may vote for any member who is eligible.

4.  Two thirds majority of a quorum of the voting membership is required to elect officers (see page 11, article VII - 3)

5.  Officers are elected in May; serve for one year beginning June 1st and maybe reelected.

6.  Officers other than the President may serve in more than one Position.




1.  ERAS  will take no sides in the schools of visual art and will not be dedicated to any one particular school of drawing, painting, sculpting or photography.

2.  Exhibiting Members will follow the rules regarding each type of Exhibit: (Monthly Circuit, Group show, or Palette Award--See specific Palette Award Rules below).

3.  Exhibiting Members are expected to maintain a professional image and handle all sales of their work, personally with the buyer.

4.  In our Monthly Circuit Exhibits both the current and the next exhibitor are responsible to contact each other and coordinate the changing of the display.

5.  Two or more members may exhibit together in the Monthly Circuit, which is listed in the Newsletter.

6.  There will be a least two group exhibitions during the year.

7.  Only officially sanctioned places of exhibit may have a sign saying "Elmira Regional Art Society" which will be placed by the Exhibiting Chairman and remain on display.

8.  Associates can show their work during the Winter Blues meeting at Chapel Park, but not at the County Fair. (2007 Amendment)




1.  Dues will be commensurate with the financial needs of ERAS and approved by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of Exhibiting Members; providing the meeting was previously designated for this purpose.

2.  Dues will be payable June 1st (the beginning of our fiscal year).

3.  Dues for an Associate Member will be less than dues for  an Exhibiting Members.

October 2007 amendment:
The raise of dues was voted and approved: $20 for Associates, and $25 for members

Please make your check out to
Elmira Regional Art Society (ERAS)
mail to the current Treasurer
by June 1st each year.




1.  Regular Meetings will take place once a month except July and August.

2.  Business and Special Meetings may be held providing all Members are notified in advance.

3.  In the case of absence, an Exhibiting Member may vote by proxy, providing that the proxy is received by the President prior to the beginning of the meeting.  The Member exercising this option will be considered "present"; thus providing the numbers needed to satisfy the voting process. 


March 2012 Amendment - $100 honorarium will be given to program presenters.



  May 2011 Amendment -  Elegibility  Entry fee    Size limit

Members  in good standing to qualify will:

1. Have exhibited 3 times  ( Sept to Sept ) in a calendar year
    New members (Sept to Nov) only need one exhibit to

2.  DUES are PAID
3.  Entry Fee- none if a current  Arnot  Art Museum member  
           -$15 if not a museum member due when paintings
           are brought for the exhibit make check out to ERAS
4.  Enter 2 paintings if 36 or less
     If greater than 36 then only one painting
5. Work must be created within the past 2 years, and  must
     be original

6. No repeat entries
7. Sculpture must weigh less than 100 lbs
8. Art work must be properly framed, matted, equipped with
     eye screws and wire
9.  The Arnot Art Museum  will receive 40% commission if
     work is sold. 
     The Arnot Art Museum will collect payment and tax,
      artist will receive a check for 60%




1.  This Constitution an Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum of Exhibiting and Honorary Members at any Regular or Special Meeting  previously designated for that purpose.

2.  Any proposed amendment will be presented to the Members prior to the meeting at which the voting is to take place.





Participating in any ERAS activity shall constitute acceptance of all rules governing the activity.

No Member shall officially represent ERAS without the consent of the President or unanimous consent of the Executive committee.

ERAS and its representatives shall not be liable for any claim for loss or damage to art work, frames, etc

No insurance will be provided.