The Elmira Regional Art Society

The society was originally organized on February 3, 1869 as the Elmira Art Club. 
It was revived February 10, 1936 and reorganized November 7, 1938.  
It was renamed in 1999 as the Elmira Regional Art Society to reflect and encourage a broader constituency.

The purpose of the Society is to encourage and contribute to the members' development in the visual arts by maintaining high standards for its exhibiting members; providing venues to show their work; and fostering appreciation for diverse schools of thought and expression.

The Society takes no sides in schools of contemporary art and is not dedicated to any one particular school of drawing, painting, sculpting or photography.

Membership is open to all artists living in or near Elmira who quality according to the Society's rules.  An application may be obtained from any member of the membership committee.

For complete information on the requirements for membership and membership responsibility see the Society's Constitution and By-laws.