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Watkins Glen Art Trail plans third tour.   2007 Elmira Open Studio Tour.
When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 13 and noon to 5 p.m. Oct. 14.2007  
When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Oct. 7.
Where: Eight artists, one gallery and one store will exhibit their works in the Watkins Glen area.

Cost: Admission is free to all studios.
Information: visit www.eARTS.org.

Robert O'Neill, of Montour Falls, says that his art "goes in all directions."

"I do abstracts, portraits, landscapes and a little bit of sculpture," O'Neill says. For several months, O'Neill, McIntyre and Joseph Stevenson, another artist taking part in the art trail, have been getting together on Monday afternoons to paint together. They paint the same subject but, because of their different styles, end up with very different images.

"There's something stimulating about working alongside other artists," O'Neill says. "Your work goes in directions you wouldn't naturally take."

About the artists
From traditional oil paintings to avant-garde sculptures, visitors can discover a diverse selection of local artists who use a variety of mediums. Each artist will offer a different experience at his or her studio.

  Where: 24 artists will exhibit their works in 19 studios in the Elmira/Horseheads area.
Cost: Free admission to all studios.

Information, downloadable map: visit www.elmiraopenstudiotour.com

These are all the participating artists:

•Mavin Staub Ambrose: silk painting/mixed media, 348 Coleman Ave., Elmira.

•Tedd Arnold: painting, Rural Research Laboratories, 254 Baldwin St., Elmira.

Mary Ellen Connelly: oil painting, 151 Kneale Road, Pine City.

•Lynn Rhoda Dates: sculpture, 455 Roe Ave., Elmira.

•Ron Dixon: oil painting, black & white photography, 615 Yale St., Elmira.

•John Doddato: photography, 20 Deerfield Drive, Big Flats.

•Tom Gardner: oil painting, 629 Moss Hill Road, Horseheads.

•Kathleen Huddle: painting, photography, jewelry, 1002 Walnut St., Elmira.

•Diane Janowski: film/video, 612 William St., Elmira.

•Sharla Lefkowitz Brown: painting, pottery, 455 Roe Ave., Elmira.

•Ginnie Lupi: painting, 455 Roe Ave., Elmira.

•Cornelius Lyon Jr.: outdoor steel sculpture, 315 Acker Road, Horseheads.

•Mary Madigan: glass mosaics, 948 Hoffman St., Elmira.

•Felicia Poes: mosaics, 28 Colonial Drive, Horseheads.

•Pat Saxe: painting, stained glass, 1002 Walnut St., Elmira.

•Steve Seaberg: life artist, 838 Fassett Road, Elmira.

•Denny Smith: drawing, 612 William St., Elmira.

Joanne Sonsire: pastels, watercolors, image transfers, 629 Moss Hill Road, Horseheads.

•Julie Thurber: mixed media, 1002 Walnut St., Elmira.

•Marcia Tinker: image transfers, garden art, collage, painted furniture, 708B S. Main St., Horseheads.

•Linda Urbanski: watercolor, greeting cards, 700 Fassett Road, Elmira.

•Scott Weaver: goldsmithing, 351 College Ave., Elmira.

Lucretia West: oil painting, watercolor, 1075 Marsh Road, Corning.

•("Super secret mystery artist"): whose address will be withheld until the Bon Voyage Party at Rural
Research Laboratories (the day before the tour). Visitors will be able to locate this artist's address on the map, distributed by the other artists, and on the Web site during the tour weekend.



                                   Diane Janowski will show her original short-length films in her kitchen and living room. She calls this screening the annual "Cinelmira Film Festival," and will have popcorn and soda available for visitors. Felicia Poes will share her creative mosaics, which range from decorative guitars to interpretations of paintings by masters such as Picasso.

Julie Thurber will showcase her mixed media creations, especially her most recent work of "Buttonheads," inspired by childhood memories of paper dolls. Mary Ellen Connelly, who often incorporates her love of nature into her art, will present her oil paintings and Scott Weaver will demonstrate his goldsmithing talent and display his jewelry.







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Robert ONeill, Chris Thorborg, Eric Jones, Tess Dananher

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Star Gazette-Tuesday May 1st 2007

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