Elmira Regional Art Society

Membership Application Form

PLEASE PRINT this application and submit or mail it to the Membership Chairperson:

Delores Morgan 12 Farm Lane, Elmira, NY 14901 (607)742-2046

Check one:  I am applying for:

Exhibiting Membership ($35 dues)  (    )

Associate Membership ($20 dues)  (    )
Dues shall paid June 1st or upon acceptance of membership

Send dues to our Treasurer: (Checks made out to ERAS)

Linda Sichel Ralph
772 Stony Brook RD

Elmira, NY  14905

To be filled by both Associate and Exhibiting applicants:

(Applicants for Associate Membership can join anytime)


NAME _________________________________________________




E-MAIL _________________________________________________



WEB SITE ________________________________________________


Artistic Interest &/or Medium_________________________________________________ (use back if needed)


Eligibility rules pertaining to Associate Members:

·         Are entitled to all the club privileges except voting and exhibiting

·         Receive Newsletter, may attend workshops, meetings and programs

·         Can apply for full membership when they feel ready


Eligibility rules pertaining to Exhibiting Members:

1.   Every Exhibiting Member is expected to exhibit a minimum of 3 times a year in Circuit Exhibits.

      Each member also shall produce at least 3 new works a year for those exhibits.

2.  Every Exhibiting member shall serve on a committee

     Members may choose the committee on which to serve or be assigned one by the President

3.  Dues shall be paid June 1st or upon acceptance of membership

4.  Penalties for violation of items 1, 2 and 3, shall be automatic suspension without notice

      at the end of the current year.  The Executive Committee shall have authority to 

      grant exemptions and reinstatements upon application for such action by any member involved.


·         Applicants will submit 3 or more digital (jpeg) to Erasart@erasart.com, or jcsatterlee@hotmail.com

·         And/or bring 3 or more original artwork to the executive meeting held in October, January or April Board Meeting.

·         Work must be original and no older than 2 years.

·         Applicants cannot be present during this process. 

·         Active membership begins upon acceptance by the committee and receipt of the annual dues.


ARTWORK SUBMITTED (title, medium, size)

1.      _______________________________________

2.      _______________________________________

3.      _______________________________________


Upon acceptance, please make you check out to Elmira Regional Art Society (ERAS)


I pledge to take an active part in club activities and to abide by all club rules:


SIGNATURE:_______________________________      DATE: ___________________


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